Pirouette Away!

I did something huge on Tuesday!

I recorded my first ever instrument solo on a track. I, Sarah Shah, played piano and piano solo in a full-blown proper recording that I will be releasing on an EP.


I kept feeling like I wanted to have piano in ‘Time in the Sun’, and I also kept feeling that I was the one meant to play, however, I was REALLY scared to do it! (This is a HUGE deal for me!) I could feel myself procrastinating and avoiding it for while with all the ‘not good enough’ reasons and everything else, but in the end I was like, ‘Right, we are doing this!’

I called G up and booked in some studio time! (I didn’t realise it was going to be tomorrow! haha). Tomorrow it is! I spent the day 100% focused on giving all that I have and believing that I can and will do it!

And we did!

Govinda was my faithful side-kick in this piano recording stuff – ‘Side-kick’ meaning we were side by side in kicking some serious butt in this piano recording action! haha.. (I think I will start calling his recording studio ‘Kick-Butt Studios’ from now on!)

The result? Amazement. Achievement. Accomplishment. Satisfaction.

I did it.

We did it.

I felt bolder. Stronger. More capable of taking the next big leap!

I felt expanded – like a faithful steward of the gifts I have right now. It felt so good. I always feel good when I give what I feel I have to give in this moment right now.

I have come to realise that who we are will always be perfect for right now.

It’s almost like if we don’t use what we have, then we lose it. And there is no space for more to be given. It doesn’t matter whether someone else can play better, or whether the song sounds technically perfect, it’s about what I feel I need to do. What I desire to give.

The interesting thing too, is that the song actually reflects the journey of this whole experience. When I listen to the piano, I see it as a ballet which tells a story. Initially, the ballerina (or piano) is a little hesitant. Sometimes a little ‘too much’, sometimes ‘too little’ – but this is all a part of feeling it out. You gotta be willing to take these first steps.. Sure they will seem a little out of balance at times, but so what? That’s precisely how you learn – how you gain confidence!

As the song progresses, you can feel the confidence building too! The ballerina starts to step with more certainty, and by the time she reaches the ‘solo’, she is jumping and leaping and pirouetting to higher and higher places – you can’t pin her down! What’s more is I see her smiling and so full of joy! She is free!

Then in complete satisfaction of her gifts well spent she brings it back down to rest. Ready to enjoy where she has come to, and think about where she will expand to next.

Who you are will always be perfect right now.

Pirouette away! x



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