The Day Has Arrived!

Guess what!? (Look closely at what Mum is holding..) It’s MY CD!!!!!!!!

They have arrived and I am feeling SOOOOOOOOO incredibly happy and excited!!!! Like really truly and deeply! After all these years.. I have an EP! Yay! I am so happy with the final outcome. It is a nice feeling to see a work of art and know it is perfect just as it is.

And guess what else!? Only 5 sleeps until my ‘Into the Sun’ Concert! Everything is coming together perfectly, and it will be a night of magic and love for all – starting with me!

I haven’t been online much recently as I have been 100% focused on non-internet related projects.. (like an EP and concert! haha..), but just wanted to jump on quickly to say all is full steam ahead.

To everyone coming on Saturday, I hope you’re ready for a stunning night of music, love, sparkles, and laughter.. oh and red frogs.. hee, hee..

If you are not already coming and would like to, the evening is being held at 64 Marine Parade, Miami and begins at 7pm. You are most welcome! We would love you to join us! All you need is yourself. It is completely free!

Follow the light.. Into the Sun.

Sarah xxx



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