Acknowledge It and Keep Going!

My neighbour Jen and I had a really awesome conversation yesterday! It was really cool too, as although we live in the same apartments, we actually met ‘accidentally’ (like it’s ever an accident! Hee, hee..) at Burleigh. I was halfway through my run, and Jen had just dropped by Burleigh for a little extra inspiration! Perfect!

Jen had come to my concert on Saturday 25th, and as we talked, she suddenly said, “Oh, I really wanted to tell you what it was like for us from an audience perspective! It was great!”

I love hearing a listeners’ perspective as it helps me confirm whether or not my intention has been felt, and indeed it was! Hooray!

She then continued to say that it was so relaxed, and that because I was that way, everyone else felt they could be that way too 🙂 I mentioned how strange it was that in one song, I kept getting one of the chords ‘wrong’ and couldn’t understand why as I have played the song soooooooo many times and that almost never happens! Not only did it happen once or twice, it happened like 6 times! I even restarted the song and the same thing happened! I found myself thinking, ‘Why is this happening!?’ Another voice in my head said, ‘It’s perfect, keep going!’ So I did. I laughed a bit, agreed to just go with it, and enjoy the new version of the song! Haha..

As Jen described it she said, “The fact you acknowledged it and kept going made everyone else feel like it was ok too. Rather than sitting there going oh crap, this isn’t how it’s meant to be, or trying to hide it, you acknowledged it and kept going. You felt ok with it, so we did too.”

As Jen said this the biggest light went on! It’s the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT part that is the key! I felt so excited and Jen kept getting goose bumps! Hee, hee.. Every time we said the word acknowledgement, the light seem to become brighter and brighter!

I’d actually never quite seen it like this before. I have heard hundreds of times that the show must go on, and whatever you do, just keep singing, but I have never been told to acknowledge what was happening or what I was feeling. In fact, I was always told the opposite. Don’t show the audience you are nervous, don’t act scared or show that you are lacking confidence! Don’t let them know you’ve made a mistake! All these don’t, don’t, don’ts! You’re psyched out with all these things you have to ‘hide’ before you even begin! I used to feel so angry when I heard this! I’d be like, ‘Why the heck not!? It’s simply the truth!’ To be honest the best shows I have ever seen were ones where people ‘stuffed up’ and made light of it. I also find that when you’re honest, you have nothing left hidden, and immediately your confidence lifts anyway!

I think the light went on so brightly as I feel it’s the same with life. So often we have been told that we ‘shouldn’t’ let people know what is really going on. We may be judged incapable or failing, or considered weak or negative if we show ourselves to be vulnerable. It’s not about whinging or moping – sulking only leaves us feeling victimized and we get kinda stuck rather than moving on. It’s about acknowledging, ‘Ok, this kinda sucks. Or I am finding this a bit tricky. Or I feel really sad at the moment.’ Whatever it is. Acknowledge it and then keep going. It’s such an empowering feeling! Usually I find also, that when I acknowledge something and am ok with it, other people are too. I also find that you are more uplifted and supported by those around you! You’re no longer heavy so it’s easy for other people to give you a little ‘lift’ here and there! It opens up space for people to share their gifts and resources. This is one of the greatest joys I have known! Everybody wins!

So.. if you ask me, I think we’ve pretty much stumbled across a huge bit of magic right here! If you’re ok with it, everybody will be too! Woah! No more worrying about getting everything ‘right’, just acknowledge it and believe it’s ‘right’ for that moment and it will be 🙂

You know what else!? So many people came up to me afterwards, and not one mentioned that song where I apparently ‘stuffed up’. In fact, one lady said that it was/is her sons favourite. Although he was tired, he hung out as long as he could so he could hear that one song, and it was his favourite of the night.

🙂 Perfect.

If this isn’t magic, then I don’t know what is 😉

Love you x


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