Know Your Cue ;)

“Being a hero.. is largely a matter of knowing one’s cues.”

I read this line today in a book I am reading by Lev Grossman called ‘The Magician King’. It seems to harmonise with a couple of things I have been thinking about lately.

I really love the idea of doing the right things at the right time. You don’t go into a cricket game and do nothing but swing the bat. A lot of the time you’re in the field waiting, or on a base preparing to run. You’re not swinging 100% of the time.

I noticed a similar thing when reading about whales the other day. They spend most of their time underneath the surface doing their normal everyday whale things. Then when the time is right they launch themselves out through the surface breaching for all the world to see!

So, why is it then, that as humans we so often feel this compulsion to do, do, do? Why is busyness considered such a measure of success? Yes there are times for action – and sometimes a lot of it – but not every single moment. The thing is too, in the right moment, do, do, do feels GREAT!!! You feel energised, uplifted, soaring! You leverage the natural momentum and flow of your life and the actions are almost effortless! Then once you are happily fulfilled, you find stillness and rest again.. Preparing for your next breach.

The last few weeks I have been pondering the way in which we often feel so compelled to want more. This has been a big thing for me for quite a while, but even more so lately as I am so quick to notice it in myself now. We need to do more, get more, buy more, be more.. There’s always more. The more itself isn’t the problem though, it’s just the insatiable appetite that strives for it that’s the buzz kill. We’re so busy doing the next thing we kinda miss the fulfilment of the thing we just did.

Anyway, I’m not going to go on and on about it.. Just wanted to put it out there 🙂

You are a hero.

And, “Being a hero.. is largely a matter of knowing one’s cues.”

Do. Rest. Allow the momentum to lift you.


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