Look for the Stars

I received something magnificent in the mail today. Before I show you what it was, I just want to give a little of the story as to why its timing was so incredibly perfect!

I was stretching in my music room early today, pondering how I was feeling. I have been feeling so wonderful lately, but have also been feeling just a little something niggling that was resulting in moments of sadness. As I felt it out a bit more I realised that I have found myself feeling ‘bad’ for feeling ‘good’..It sounds so contradictory, but I also have a feeling that many other people know what I am talking about.

I have been finding myself just so excited to share my excitement and passion about life and music, love and freedom.. To share this with the beautiful people in my world is my greatest joy! Sometimes it just continues overflowing – I could talk about these things for hours!

Lately, however, I have found that I have been ‘stopping’ myself. Stopping this overflow. Thoughts like, ‘Sarah, enough already! People are tired of hearing about it!’ and ‘Haven’t you put enough photos of your CD up on facebook?’ or ‘People don’t care about your music or what you have to say!’ ‘Shouldn’t you be doing more for other people?’ And that’s just a few of them!

It sucks too, ’cause straight away I feel a dullness creep in and the light dim a little. I feel like a kid who just wants to share the drawing they just drew for you but has been told to go back to their room and stop bothering people! 😦

Hmm.. Then I thought about the stars.

Stars are out sharing their gifts with the world continually! Each one perfect, and not one takes anything away from another by shining. In fact, they enhance the beauty around them. They sparkle together.  And who doesn’t love stars? I mean, they are simply stunning! Each one so beautiful and shining so perfectly! They ask nothing of you, they simply love to shine!

So in that moment I decided from now on I will think of myself as a star. I will shine, shine, shine simply because I love it and it feels good to be all that I have been created to be.

And then..



Woah! This arrived in the mail! What the!? Wow! My beautiful Friend Suse sent me a bit of shininess – just after I had been looking to the stars!

“When it’s dark she looks for the stars”

“Yes!” I thought.

“When it’s dark I do look for the stars!”

I also realised that I am one – just like you 🙂



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