Worth the Wait

It’s challenging at times to allow something to ripen before you pick it. Even more so when you know how delicious it is going to be. Why can’t it be ready now?

The thing is though if it’s not ready, it’s not ready. There is no amount of pleading and begging, or pushing and pulling that is going to make it happen any quicker. On top of that,  if you don’t allow it to ripen, it won’t taste good anyway. All it will give you will be a feeling of dissatisfaction, and probably frustration with yourself for not having waited just that teensy bit longer.

Ah, yes. I am talking from experience.

Learning to ride the momentum of life takes time and focus, but when you actually do catch a wave and it carries you home, wow, there is no feeling like it! (Kinda like surfing – “only a surfer knows the feeling.”) Catching a wave is like leveraging the natural flow and power of the ocean rather than trying to muster up all that motion on your own. And even if you were really, really, REALLY amazing at mustering, it still wouldn’t come anywhere close to the power of the ocean. You would probably also be too thrashed to even enjoy the ride.

This was how I used to live my life.

Over the past few years specifically I have become increasingly sensitive to the natural flows of life, and how to leverage momentum as I find myself at various places of push and pull. As soon as I become of aware of myself trying to force things, I take a step back. (Most of the time anyway.. haha). I am becoming increasingly attuned to the times I am jumping ahead of myself and ‘pushing’, and when I truly am follow my inspiration and acting with 100% joy and energy. When the time is ripe, everything flows with such ease – and it’s so much fun! You feel unstoppable! Invincible! Limitless!

In this place WE ARE unstoppable, invincible, and LIMITLESS!!!

Something happened today too, that clarified this point tremendously. I wanted to take half an avocado with me for lunch. I could tell it was ‘almost’ perfect but just needed that little bit longer. I really wanted to cut it open anyway, (which I have done so many times in the past), and started to reason that maybe it was ripe and that I was just being too fussy.. “No Sarah! Just wait that little bit longer.. It’ll be worth it!”

When I got home I picked the avocado up just for fun – Woah! It was perfect! I thought it was going to be at least another couple of days, but all it needed was a few hours. Then I realised that the other two avocados sitting next to it had also ripened too! I didn’t even think they were close.

I smiled to myself as I cut one of them open and sampled a deliciously and perfectly ripened spoonful of avocado, “See Sarah,” that little voice in my head said,  “..you never know what may change within a matter of hours.” I felt so happy with myself, so proud for not jumping the gun and feeling silly like I have in the past. I had been willing to wait longer than that too, but life surprised me!

I ate that avocado with joy and complete satisfaction knowing it was the perfect time.

Believe me when I say, it is so worth the wait.


3 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. 🙂 I have been wanting to get ahead of myself, and was…to the point where I was ‘slowed’ by an ankle accident and got a speeding ticket… metaphor is a great teacher. In my quiet times right now, I feel so close to some magnificent new thresholds and even tho I have these times of immense awareness and feeling full of power to move forward, I cycle back and around and through again.
    What’s good is that I have been ‘shown ‘ a specific time frame and even tho I think I’m ready and feel the nearness of it, the fact that I have that time keeps me from getting ahead myself-just like you, knowingyour fruit is only just off ripening-and CLOSER THAN YOU THINK! 🙂

    • I know the feeling Mama.. I have also noticed that once you know the stillness well, the ‘wanting to get ahead’ of ourselves feels so much more extreme! I have been feeling that often recently and using it to fine-tune how to slow the ‘ahead of myself’ momentum down and flow with perfect natural flow again. I keep finding myself thinking that I may be left behind if I don’t ‘keep up’ with everyone else. But what other people are doing is not really my business. If I have to exert so much energy to ‘keep’ myself ‘up’, then it’s not the way for me anyway. Trusting the still small voice so I can soar effortlessly and allow the wind to carry me with an occasional strong flap every now and then 🙂 Yeah, that sounds like the way for me! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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