Something came on the TV at the gym this morning that I really like:

“To stand tall one must first stand comfortably.”

In the film clip they were kind of paying out Chinese proverbs and fortune cookies, however, my response was, “Oh my gosh! Yes!!”

When we are comfortable, it is easy to keep doing what we’re doing. The more comfortable we are, and the more at ease we are, the longer we will be able to happily sustain our position – wherever it is we are choosing to stand.

It can be applied literally to so many things!

I use discomfort as a way of guiding me into alignment and comfort again. When I notice discomfort in my body, I will focus on stretching and releasing that area before adding pressure again. To add pressure in discomfort only causes more discomfort and more damage.

In the past I associated comfort with stagnation or lack of growth and progression. I thought that if something was comfortable or easy, I needed to push harder and faster. I became such a pro at pushing myself out of comfort zone, that I was never really in it. On top of that, I was so unhappy! How can we move ‘out’ of our comfort zone, if we are never really in it anyway? It sucked!!!!

I feared that unless I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I would become lazy. I have found the opposite to be true. When we enjoy a new comfort zone and allow ourselves to enjoy it fully, it seems that after a while we are ready to move on and the current thing we are in no longer feels that comfortable anymore. Rather than forcing ourselves out of anything we are loving, after enjoying our time we kinda naturally wanna move on anyway. It’s perfect! Win, win, win!

Why make a big warm cosy bed to sleep in and then go sleep outside in the cold with no blanket? (Well, unless you’re enjoying some kind of awesome adventure! hee, hee.. ) Why not enjoy a cosy nights sleep and then get up and out into the sun the next day?

Trust yourself.

You won’t stay in bed forever.

If a warm cosy bed is where it’s at for you right now, enjoy it for all it’s worth, as pretty soon you’ll be ready for some sun again.

“To stand tall one must first stand comfortably.”

My Brother says it works this way too:

“To stand comfortably is to stand tall.”

I like it.

Enjoy  your comfort! When the time comes you’ll be ready to move on 🙂

Oh, and one more thing! I find it funny that I heard this at the gym, and it was comfort that inspired me to join the gym in the first place – I wanted to be warm running in winter! haha..




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