Find Your Way.

I was just playing a song by Josh Record called ‘Find Her Way To Me’. (Thank you Josh!) As I was playing and singing the lyrics, I felt myself singing them with a different kind of interpretation.

When I sing it, it is like I am singing the song from myself to myself. “Oh, she is all I want, will she find her way to me. Oh, she is all I want, will she find her way to me.” Like I am singing the sing to a part of me knowing how I truly am when I am completely open, free, and flowing! Will this Sarah find her way to me? I am already her, but I know there is always more to open to! Do I try to go find her or do I wait here? This little voice said it’s both. You’re not so much waiting. You are Being. Decide who you are and stand. It is a lot easier for anything to find you when they know where you stand! Whether that is a literal physical place, or an inner Being place. Stand as You. Then before you even realise, she will have found her way to you because she IS you!

This is a new way of seeing things for me. That in Being still, you are so much easier to find. It’s almost impossible for something to be found when it is haphazardly appearing all over the place. Stand within, and when the time comes you will act and go when you feel inspired from that stable, secure place. (Oh, how I love these words right now!) You will ALWAYS be found!

So yes! You are all you want, and you have found a way to you 🙂


P.S. A little comment about my previous blog.. After flowing on the beach for a while this morning I realised that I don’t have any one favourite way to sweat – I LOVE running outside and around Burleigh mountain when I’m feeling inspired, but I also LOVE being warm at the gym early in the morning and using the elliptical machine that allows me to monitor my heart rate more closely. It depends on so many things.. how I feel, how my body feels, what the weather is like, if I want to be outside or indoors, if I feel like chatting or meditating.. SO many variables! I love sweating the right way at the right time for me. Yes! That’s my favourite way to sweat! Just felt like adding that in! 😉


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