The Waterfall Begins with a Drop :)

I read something on a facebook page yesterday that prompted a line of thought for me.

“What’s your favourite way to sweat?”

Hmm.. Well, my favourite way to sweat right now is to run around Burleigh Headland! I love it! I start from my house in Miami, and run to the headland – it’s like a new wave of energy kicks in once I’m there and I feel so empowered as I make my way to the top! The air, the trees, the ocean, my moving body! I feel such freedom! Love it!

Then I thought, I have another way I love to move my body. One which I have realised I invest hours and hours of time each day in doing, for no other purpose besides the fact that I love it so much.

I guess it started as yoga. For me it is about noticing where the tension is, and then focusing on the release of muscles around that area. You feel the resistance out – often by adding a little more, and then gently you release it. The more aware of the tension, the more aware you become at how to release. It’s more than stretching though. It’s all in the finer details and focus. There is such a fine line between forcing a stretch, and breathing out the resistance, but oh my gosh, when you stumble across the latter (I found I kind of reached the place without even meaning to on a conscious level initially), it is HEAVEN! You feel the release of energy and it is the ultimate high! Your body feels open, more expanded, free! Happiness floods in! You just want as much of it as you can, and the best part about it, is it is free and limitless! You CAN have as much as you desire! Anytime you feel like it!

I have found it also coincides with life and our own personal stories. For example, I have found that my back and backbends have a lot of relation to my belief in my ability to look after and support myself. Sometimes if I am tired of trying to ‘figure something out in my mind’ in regards to this area, I will do a few backbends and clarity will come! It’s incredible! Every part of the body is speaking to us! It’s so unique for each individual too! You can read your own body storybook!

Yoga can lead you into the place, the vicinity, using the poses others have created (which are amazing), and then it is up to you to feel out your own. You can even do it without ‘yoga’ as it is officially known. It may be the slightest twist of your leg, or position of your arm, that leads you to this moment of release. To anyone else watching it may seem you are just doing the same old leg stretch or backbend (or any movement for that matter) as anyone else, but to you, it is EVERYTHING in that moment.

It is a tricky thing to explain. Kinda like the feeling of catching a wave – “only a surfer knows the feeling.” But when you feel it, boy do you know it!

What inspired me to write this blog, was pondering the way in which life is very similar to the process of release and expansion of the body. We look at ourselves and sometimes get a little nasty. We tell ourselves we ‘should’ be further ahead, or we ‘should’ know better by now, or we compare ourselves to those around us. But everyone is different. One person may be a pro at doing backbends, or the splits, or a handstand, but if you’ve never done it before, how can you expect yourself to be a backbend pro straight away? There are steps we expand to. I practised backbends on a wall for a year, gradually lowering the height. Then I went to lifting myself up from an arch from lower and lower heights. Then I practised flipping back off couches.. haha.. the list goes on. I took each step as I was ready for it. I still am 🙂

The same goes in life. You may be thinking, “I want to create money enjoying what I love,” but up until now you’ve been doing something you really don’t enjoy all that much. Give yourself some space. It is a big jump to go from hating what you do to loving what you do, let alone adding unlimited abundance into the mix too! You may be used to believing money only comes when you do what you don’t want to. Now is the time to start stepping in a new direction. Money flows when you invest energy into that which you love! There are steps to take. In your heart. In your mind. In your physical world. One step at a time. Start finding things to love in what you do now. Focus energy into your love and passion. Delight in the smallest financial gifts given in thanks for you giving what you love. It all starts here.

The waterfall begins with one drop.




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