Fight Song!

There is a song I heard at the gym called ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. When I first heard it, I kinda switched off from it, as I have a thing about ‘fighting’. Now the song is kind of the theme song for the past couple of days of my life!

To me, fighting is about pushing against something. A struggle. An overcoming. Like you’re pushing against a momentum that isn’t flowing your way. As years flow on with me, and after having invested many years of my younger life to this idea of ‘fighting’ for what you want, I have come to see another way. A way that opens up before your eyes. A way where passion and inspiration, feeling good and peace, lead the way. A way where fighting sits on the bench while focus and momentum take you home!

It’s not about sitting back and not ever doing anything either. It’s about knowing precisely what matters to you, and why, and then choosing to stand in that place no matter what because there is nowhere else you’d rather be! I guess from an outside perspective that could be seen as ‘fighting’ for what you want. Perhaps it is. Perhaps fighting can also mean, being passionately true to your passion! haha 🙂

So anyway, I made my peace with the word fighting in Rachel Plattan’s ‘Fight Song’, and now I am loving it! There are a couple of lines in it, that really resonate with me! Where this smile just creeps across my face and everything within me says, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ It’s a quiet whisper, a gentle knowing, and at the same time a raging, roaring passion! 😉

“Like a small boat on the ocean

Sending big waves into motion

Like how a single word can see a heart open

I might only have one match

But I can make an explosion.”

If this is what Rachel means by ‘fight’, then I’m in! 🙂

P.S. It’s kinda funny how in ‘switching off’ to the use of the word ‘fighting’ in the song the way I was, I was kind of fighting against the use of the word ‘fighting’.. haha.. Life has a funny way of showing us things!


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