Ok, so something amazing happened on the weekend! Something WONDERFULLY magical which has sparked the BEST idea!!!

On Saturday morning I decided to post two images from the most recent photoshoot adventure I went on with the gorgeous Michelle from Little Camera Photography. The first was one of me lying on the grass, and the second, a shot of the stunning Byron landscape we were adventuring upon. Sigh. I wrote a simple caption, ‘Some days the best thing to do is simply breathe and look to the light.’ 🙂

The following day I was looking at something on my phone, and this post came up, only underneath the photos was a link saying, “To purchase a ticket please go to asap in order to ensure enough time for your ticket to be posted to you :)” (See underneath the images in the photo I posted below.. I took a screenshot of my phone!)

I was like, “What the? What concert?” haha.. Apparently I was holding a mysterious concert you could purchase tickets for, and I didn’t even know it was happening myself! I didn’t put that link up, and I have no idea where it came from.. Magic!!!

Anyway, I felt so excited when I read it! The idea I was holding a concert, and that people were buying tickets, and that it was a mystery to even myself was SOOOOOOOOO thrilling! An adventure for us all! The other amazing thing was that only Ben and I could see it on our pages – no-one else! Woah! Like a secret message just for us hee, hee..

Then the idea came.. ‘Sarah! What if you do put on a mystery concert! You can sell the tickets and decide where, when, and all the details as you go along! It will be a surprise that we all discover together!’

Woah! What an idea! W can decide the details as it unfolds – a truly in-the-moment experience enjoyed by all of us! Once a certain amount of $’s have arrived and I have confirmed details, I will send your ticket out in the post! It will be an expected, yet totally surprising gift in the mail 🙂 And on top of that, one where we have all been a part of the in-the-moment unfolding of it! Woo hoo! What a rush!

An added awesome thing about all this, (and one of my personal favourite parts – although all of it is kind of my favourite part! haha), is that like all my musical ventures, you can choose any amount you feel good about! No amount too little, or too big, all I ask is that it is an amount YOU have decided and feel oh so happy about.

The ticket price is what you choose 🙂 Yippee!!!! What you give is perfect!

It also means, that I personally will know that I am fully supported and have all that I need to create the different facets of the event BEFORE the actual event – and this will be such a beautiful feeling for me! I can choose where and when, and the details with the resources that flow. I can make adjustments as we go. It is all so perfect!

Some things I know for sure about the event so far:

*I will be there!

*I sing and play

*It will be on the Gold Coast

*There will be sparkles

*We will feel comfortable

*You will need nothing other than yourself

*You can share the event in any way you like – be it bring people to the night, share it online, take photos or video

*You will receive a surprise in the mail that will add light to your day

*Magic will abound!

Yes, yes, YES!

I LOVE the idea of this!!!! And the more I think about it, the more wonderful it becomes!

So.. who would like to help me fan this spark of wonder? It already feels well and truly on its way to a massive flame! There is nothing greater than when another person allows you the honour of sharing your burning heart with them too 🙂

If you want to purchase a ticket (remember any amount you choose!), click on the ‘Give Now’ button on the right side of my homepage, or scroll down on your phone until ‘Give Now’ appears. I think it appears after a few recent blogs I have posted. It will take you to a paypal option where you can use paypal or credit card, and it will gather some information I can use to post your ticket and whatever else I decide to send.

Thank you Beautiful People. Thank you for adding spark to my spark!

The Fire is Burning!

Magic is here! xxx



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