Beautiful Feet.

Today I am writing a blog in honour of my feet 🙂

I have been thinking a lot about my feet over the past few weeks. As most of you have already gathered, I am very passionate about the body and the way in which it speaks to us through its energy flow. Kind of accidentally, I have become fascinated with chakras and energy balances in the body.

The reason I say ‘accidentally’ is because it wasn’t actually something I ever intended on consciously learning. I just became more sensitive in my physical Being and could feel certain things happening – energy flows! Out of my own insatiable desire to be the most ‘in tune’ that I can, I I have researched and discovered so many wonderful and inspiring things! Feeling an opening of energy in my Being is one of the best feelings in the world for me, and there seems to be no end to the amount of energy we can open up 🙂

So back to my feet. I had been thinking about them and wondering whether or not there is a chakra or energy point specifically to do with them – there is! haha..I started waking up with pins and needles in certain toes and along one calf. When these things happen for me, it is usually because I have opened things that have been dormant for a while. I get very excited! Often I will have stretched a part of my body that seems totally unrelated, yet is specifically linked, and I find that even MORE exciting! 🙂

The thing is too, I have been doing SOOOOOOOOO much walking recently! I’m talking 4-5 hours a day sometimes! I already go running most mornings, go to the gym, and ride, so this is ON TOP of all that I am already doing!

The other thing is that it feels so ‘right’. Ben and I have been car-free for the past almost 6 months, and ‘on foot’ has become my primary mode of transport. Often I could catch a ride, a bus, or even ride, but I find myself really wanting to walk. Knowing that I am capable and strong and all I need is myself. My body. My Being. I feel it’s been healing me. Opening my feet up! Yeah! 🙂

When my friend and personal photographer Michelle from Little Camera Photography, sent me some photos of my feet that were taken at the Groove’n’Food Festival last Saturday at Burleigh, I felt such love. So moved.

Moved by my feet!

I love my feet! (What a thing to say!) I know there are people who are disgusted by feet, so it is a little scary to put these photos up, but I do. My feet have been so faithful to me. They carry me wherever I chose to go, and in whatever style I choose whether it be run, ride, walk, drive, skip, tip-toe.. They always have. They have withstood pressure, pain, blisters, broken toes, bug bites, hot sand, freezing temperatures, shoes, grass.. Everything! They have never left my side. Not even once.

Yes feet. I love you.

One of my most favourite songs I have ever heard my mum sing as a girl was a song called ‘How Beautiful’.. One of the lines that always stood out to me says, ‘How beautiful, the feet that bring the sound of good news and the love of the King.’

What is there that is more beautiful than that? It’s not what your feet look like, or any part of you for that matter, it’s what you use them for that means everything.

May my feet always be those which bring the sound of good news, and the love of a King. May they always be beautiful.



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