I See You.

I have been thinking more and more recently,

just how nice it is to be seen for who you really are.

To know that what you value, and how you choose to live, is seen and valued.

I have spent so many years thinking I didn’t care about recognition, and that appreciation for who I am was just an unnecessary bonus. I think it was largely because I was receiving recognition for things that I didn’t really care that much about, while the things I did, we kinda pushed to the wayside or ignored.

I am changing my stance. I LOVE to be recognised for who I am. I LOVE to know that who I am and the decisions I make, add value to those around me. That is why I am here! To love and be loved 🙂 I love when someone hears me play and feels my heart. I love when people eat some delicious nutritious food I have made (another HUGE passion of mine!), and feel it fuelling their body in the best ways! I love when people know that I am the kind of person who loves the sun, and chooses spaciousness over haste even though I often feel such pressure to be the opposite. I love that people recognise that everything has been my choice, nothing has been by accident, and that I have chosen to rise above the frustrations and heartaches just as I know you have.

We all have choices. We all have the power to be who we decide. All have experienced heartaches and disappointments, frustrations and loss. We are human.

You are amazing. Your life, your choices, so incredible. I know there is no-one else that truly sees everything in your life but you, and I want you to know that you are phenomenal. Each little piece of your beautiful life.

There is no-one like you.

I want to finish with this photo that Michelle took whilst I was playing at Matt Maguire’s book launch last week – The launch of his book ‘Every Step Is A Journey’.

It is my favourite photo Chelle took on the night as it is so me. I use this book everyday right now to write my daily ‘sparks’ in! I have a spark list rather than a ‘to do’ list. Little sparks and ideas I can choose to fan throughout the day as I feel. It is so me, and although it wasn’t intentional to take a photo specifically of my ‘notebook’,  it’s kinda cool that my favourite photo taken of me at a book launch, is in fact one of a book.


This one is pretty cool too 🙂 xxx




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