Today was one of those mornings where I could feel myself slowly increasing momentum in a direction I didn’t want to go.. I started to feel like I needed to rush things, and that I was already running out of time and the day had only just begun.

Days like this are the days I deliberately chose to slow down. It has taken much practise, but after many years of experience I have finally learned how to recognise the tricks my mind will try to play. Often it feels like my mind is kicking and screaming like a child throwing a tantrum, but after a little while finally calms down and realises it actually feels rather good being still for a while. It’s from this place of stillness that everything seems to flow in such an efficient and productive way!

I went to the gym and decided to spend an hour on the cross trainer. At first my mind didn’t like the idea of being ‘stuck’ in one place for an entire hour when I really ‘should’ be ‘getting on with things’, but then as I started enjoying the physical workout, my mind felt spacious and open again.  It felt like I had gradually slowed down the momentum of this rushed day, and instead slowly built momentum in a new way. By the time the hour has passed I was feeling so good for ‘not rushing’, that I spent another hour stretching and opening afterwards. Sigh. Such a good feeling!

Rather than spend a day feeling rushed and not quite focusing on any one thing with my full attention, I chose to focus and my day opened up in a delightfully unexpected way. Ben and I went for a spontaneous adventure and have returned with a new sense of focus and clarity. Productivity to the max!

It is amazing how choosing not to rush can impact on my life’s productiveness. The less I rush, the more I accomplish, and with such ease and style! 😉 One of Ben and I’s favourite sayings is, ‘We styled it!’

Yes, today we styled it 🙂

Lennox Ben Lennox Headland Sarah Lennox Headland Stand Sarah Lennox Hilltop Sarah Lennox Lying SarahLennox Sarah In the Sun

Lennox my Ben Headland


Lennox Sarah

Lennox Sun Sarah


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