Storming and Shining :)

Into the Sun Beach Display

I had an inspiration to take a photo of my display down on the beach out the front of my house this morning. While I LOVE the sun (and you know I do!), I also love storms! The darker and crazier, the better. So when I saw darkness looming on the horizon I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my ‘sunshine’.. hee, hee.. No matter what the weather, it just continues to shine.

So here I am, picking my prime position. Just as I am arranging the butterflies, a guy walks past with a dog. ‘Hey!’ Big smile on his face. Naw, I felt a burst of happiness in my heart. Then I hear a voice, ‘Aw.. Pretty!’ My neighbour Kat walks by heading down for a quick dip! Another burst of happiness 🙂 (She is actually in the background here as a very teensy black dot!) THEN, just as I am about to take my shot, a council guy drives up in his ute. I wave him on to drive past, but he will not. He insists on waiting until I am finished taking my shot. On top of that, he hops out of the ute, walks over, and says, ‘Looks good!’ This very masculine looking council man is telling me my butterflies and inspirational gifts look good! Woah! Another quadruple burst of happiness! hee, hee..

The other funny thing is that I couldn’t get my perfect shot without lying completely front down on the sand! (Of course!) Whist I hadn’t intended to get all sandy, (I had literally JUST had a shower, got dressed, and headed to the beach), man it felt good to get full body in the sand! I had also moisturised with coconut oil, so got to take a body layered with sand back inside. Haha.. it was worth the extra mess!

I feel so much joy in this short but oh so sweet experience I just wanted to share! And yes, I have merchandise to share also!

‘Into the Sun’ EP $22

‘Belief in Yourself’ Posters $8

Butterflies $3

Happy to post in the mail 🙂 And happy to post this post! hee, hee..

Happy Thursday Beautiful Beings xxx


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