I Am Happy :)

I am reading a really good book at the moment by Paul McKenna called ‘I Can Make You Happy’. It talks about many aspects of happiness, and discusses ways in which we can take action towards even more happiness in the little moments everyday.

What I love about this book is that it isn’t your typical ‘self-help’ book. It actually has really easy, simple, and effective actions we can take that don’t take a lot of time and yet have profound shifts – especially when done consistently. There are some that have an immediate effect, and the results have been backed by empirical data and brain research.

I am at a place personally where I am all about actions I can take right here, right now to enjoy where I am now, and then take me where I desire to go from here. I have had enough of merely sitting around talking. Let’s do something! This book is perfect for that 🙂

One thing that really got me was how he describes increasing happiness to begin with.

“Increasing your happiness does not mean we get rid of all the pain, difficulty, irritation, and suffering in your life. It does not mean.. [you are].. ecstatic all day long every day.. it doesn’t mean being up all the time. It does mean that happiness will play a larger part in your life. You will notice being happy more often. You will find that you don’t need particular events or things to trigger happiness – it just comes over you. You will notice that the background mood of your life is happier.. it also means having and appreciating a full dynamic range of emotions.. all your emotions, even the uncomfortable ones, are valuable. This means you don’t just enjoy life, you build a sense of fulfilment.”

I love this.

It seems so often in life we are told to ‘think positive’ and not talk about the stuff we feel sad, angry, depressed or fearful about. Why not? The truth is that life does suck sometimes. Sometimes you wake up and just feel yuk. Or sometimes we wake up great and get thrown off our groove somehow throughout the day! Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t. Being ecstatically high – though it feels great at the time – is actually really hard work! And it is not sustainable! The other thing that sucks is that when you crash, you really crash. Having depleted all your energy, you go deeper and darker than you were high. On top of that we often feel we need to put on a brave face and keep it hidden. We feel like fakes.

Happiness is a general way. A resilience to know that no matter what, you can choose to feel better and take actions to lift yourself gently higher. It is true what Paul says, the fulfilment within is beyond any external reward. You feel invincible 🙂

Just like this picture, although life is sometimes grey, your heart is burning brighter than ever. You are Happy 🙂

Happy Heart Minion


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