Beyond the Mountain

I ran the longest distance of my lifetime this morning. 17kms!

I usually run from my house in Miami to the South Burleigh Headland, around the south Burleigh Headland, and then home again. I think it’s about 11-12kms by the time I arrive back home.

I’d been thinking recently, perhaps it’s time to go beyond the mountain? I liked the idea of it, but at that point, was still happy with the distance I was already running. I was loving it the way things were..

Then yesterday something twigged. I found something in Palm Beach worth running to 🙂 The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Everything seemed to make sense.

So this morning I did it. Miami to Palm Beach and back again. And of course, I went the mountain way!

I felt so happy when I was running, so excited I was actually doing it, and as I ran I realised how important it is to find something worth running to. Something that matters to YOU. A vision that lights your heart and your mind up, and then sets your body to action! It won’t work if it’s something you think you ‘should’ want, or something that everyone else seems to want. So many times people have said to me, “Why don’t you run the marathon!?” To which I’d reply, “It doesn’t really interest me!” haha.. What I found however, well, let’s just say it was calling my name and there wasn’t anything that could stop me.

So I ran and ran and ran, and upon my return home I felt like I’d gone further than I ever have before – body, mind, and spirit. My calves were hurting, my thighs were burning, and my toes were tingling, and I was loving ever single thing about it ! 🙂

I did it. I found something worth running to, and I ran and ran and ran..

Happy Monday Magical People. x



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