I Have Everything

Something super special happened a couple of days ago.

Matt and I were filming a song at Tallebudgera. We had found our perfect spot and were waiting for the sun to go down so we could light a candle and start. While we waited I picked up the guitar and started playing a few tunes. A couple of songs in I turned around to find a beautiful man sitting crouched down oh so quietly listening to me sing. He gave me the hugest smile. My heart nearly burst!

I continued on, and a few more songs in, I turned around to find his wife and daughter also listening quietly. At this point I decided to turn and face them and give them their own special concert 🙂

Part way through my last song, the little girl reached up and whispered something to her mum. The lady smiled and said to me in the most gentle and respectful voice, ‘She says you’re a singing princess.’

I could feel my heart overflowing. As I looked at them, and looked at my brother, and looked at the beautiful setting in front of me I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I truly have everything.

These are the moments I live for. The moments I live.

Tallebudgeera Concert

Thank you to my brother Matt for capturing this moment on camera. Now I can relive the moment in my heart as well as with my eyes.



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