Thank you Blake.

Something pretty special happened yesterday.

I was playing at The Yard Café in Nobby Beach between 2 and 4pm. It was such a beautiful afternoon.  The venue, the people, the food. Everything just felt so right, so perfect.

After my final song, a young woman came up and thanked me for my music and said I was really talented. She kept her head down as she said it, but as she was speaking I thought, “I know that voice.” Then as she walked away I looked up and thought, “Wow, that girl is the splitting image of Blake Lively!” Then I put the voice and beauty together. It WAS Blake Lively.

For those of you who know me, I am not normally the kind of person who is swept away by famous people. This however, was kind of special and personal for me. (Ok, REALLY special!).

I have a music room at home, the walls of which are covered with things that have inspired me. Quotes, images, words, photos.. anything that really speaks to me and inspires me to open up to more of the person I know I am. Very rarely do I ever put photos of ‘famous’ people up. This was one of those rare times. Just last week I put some pictures of Blake Lively up. Looking at her I would find myself smiling. She has a natural beauty that reflects success in so many ways. The kind of success similar to that which I am creating in my own life.

Blake Lively 1         Blake Lively 2

When I heard her voice, my heart skipped. It’s like my heart recognised her before my brain caught up. If it had been anyone else it would have been different, but it was her photo I had put on my wall. It was her beauty that had inspired me.

I could have asked for more, but it didn’t feel right. I was so happy with the gift she had given me. A gift  that she didn’t even realise she was giving. She saw me, she heard me, she stayed until I finished, and she thanked me for my gift. She came from across the other side of the world to meet me in that moment.

Thank you Blake.


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