The Power is with Us

My brother Matt and I were enjoying a discussion yesterday about life and the universe, and everything in it.. haha.. One of my favourite topics of conversation.

We spent a large amount of time talking about the illusion of not having enough, and the flow of giving and receiving. (One of my all time favourite subjects in life!) We asked the question.. ‘Who set the bar for what ‘enough’ actually is?’ If you look at it like that, no matter what, you can always choose to have enough. Easy. There is no ‘set bar’ so to speak. It’s whatever you choose it to be.

We then continued to talk about money and the way in which some people feel good when they think of money, some really bad, and then some kind of a bit of both. Money has been labelled with so many negatives. We seem to so often place it on a huge pedestal. We look at it as this separate thing we need to somehow win over and grasp onto. Then Matt said something that really made sense – or cents! 😉

“Yeah, but it is worthless without us.”

Woah. Money is worthless without US! We are the ones who use it, who control what we do with it, how we give, what we feel when we think of it. The energy we invest into it, is what gives it value.

So many times we see money as this all powerful thing that dictates our decisions, yet this whole time the power has been with us!

When we think of it like that, it just seems so clear.

Money is worthless without us.

We are the ones who give money value.

The power is with us.


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