The Mountain.

I climbed a mountain again today.

I had a day full of things I’d planned to do, but when I woke today all I could think about was climbing Mount Warning again. The urge to go was so strong, and the more I tried to reason it away, the stronger it became.

Mountain climb it is.

I tried to think of someone to go with, however, everyone I thought of was either working, away, or not free until the afternoon. I didn’t want to wait. The moment was here so I decided to go alone.

A part of me was thinking, ‘What’s the point of going if you have no-one to share it with?’ but then another part of me knew there was more to it. This is about Sarah Shah. This is about the moment I am in. If I feel it and it’s time to move, then move I will.

This is the first time I have driven to the mountain alone. I was driving along the very last road to the mountain when I was overcome with doubt and decided to turn back. I got all the way back to the beginning of the road to find that I had been on the right track.. It was less than 1km from where I wanted to be.

I noticed that when I was further away from the mountain I could see it in view, and therefore had some kind of assurance I was headed in the right direction. When I was near the base, I could no longer see the mountain, and so had to trust my gut – and my knowledge of the directions.

I thought about that idea and how it would relate to life. Sometimes when you are so close to reaching the mountain, you lose sight of the vision and start to doubt – and perhaps even turn back like I did. The fact you can no longer see it means you are SO close. If you just hang in there, things will open up and you will know exactly what to do next!

The other thing I thought too, is that it is ok if you turn back because you are unsure. I did, and it confirmed for me without a shadow of a doubt that I did know which way to go. Now I know how to get there and will go confidently every single time.

More mountain insights tomorrow.

Time to rest.

Night world. x


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