The Mountain Goats

Today is one of those days where I feel very separate. Out of sync. I have moments of connection, but it seems that very quickly I fall back into a place of feeling ‘alone’. Even though I ‘know’ I am never alone 🙂

The interesting thing about it is that my life has been so full this past couple of weeks – so many people and so much ‘connection’, so many big things unfolding. I have been desiring time to feel the spaciousness again. To have some time with my heart, my thoughts. I am at my best when I have a balance of everything.

Today I decided to allow myself to feel the space. Even though I know that often means that emotions will bubble to the surface. Uncomfortable things start to emerge and I find myself wanting to ‘fill up’ the space again – just so I can avoid feeling what I feel. I know though, that if I just allow them to rise, pretty soon I will have faced my fear and the lush green aftermath of the volcano will be more bountiful than ever.

As I sat on my front step a little earlier, I allowed myself to be bathed in the light of the sun, and the brush of the wind. As I enjoyed the love I felt, I thought of my friend Pru, and a poem she wrote.

This poem came to me two weeks ago also, when I went on a solo mountain climb of Mt. Warning.

It brought me great comfort then, just as it does now.

Thank you Pru.

The Mountain Goats

Some of us have

the soul of a staircase –

it takes one hell of a climb

to ever really see us.

But for those with deep lungs

and strong hearts,

the view from our pinnacle

will dance behind your eyes

until you close them

on your deathbed.

Come find us.


This is a poem from Pru’s book ‘Just Look Up’. For more information or to read more,

Love x


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