People Come to See the Big Waves

The past year of my life has found me largely focused on the idea of success – what other people perceive it as being, and what I believe it to be.

One thing I have noticed is that the people largely perceived as ‘successful’ in the world, are the ones that a lot of people can see – the ones who have achieved a certain level of fame in a certain area.

I have also noticed that a lot of people view success as being related to numbers, and the amount of people who come to them for their services, gifts etc. For example, a busy restaurant would be viewed as being more successful than an empty one most of the time. A band playing to the masses is perceived as more successful than someone great playing on their back step 😉

So how do we attract the people?

Today when I was running, I came across several of my friends.. ALL of them made some kind of comment about the surf.. “Have you seen how big the waves are today?” “Have you seen how powerful the ocean is?” “Wow, the waves are amazing! Only a few guys brave enough to surf them!”

As I continued along I thought, “I bet the headland is packed with people watching the surfers!”

I was right.

There was literally about a hundred people out on the headland – many people watching and some taking photos.

The other thing I noticed is that there were only a handful of surfers out there. The few who had the courage, skills, and expertise to manoeuvre the waves! They were out there enjoying the power and loving it! And everyone wanted to see it!

People come to see the big waves.

Why? Well, my inkling is because it is awesome to see someone brave enough to work with that kind of power. It is also inspiring to see people who have invested energy and time into their passion with such commitment that when the time comes, they have the strength and the skills to maximise the experience for all that it’s worth.

That’s what fame is to me. That kind of thing is worth coming to see.

No-one was there dragging anyone to the headland. No-one was begging people to be a part of the surf action. I doubt the guys out surfing even knew the people watching from the hill.

My point is.. Do your thing. Invest time, energy, and passion into the things you really, REALLY love. The things you want to be able to experience with maximum power and energy! Don’t worry if other people are watching to see you, or if you are successful by numbers. You will feel it when you feel your skills rising to support you, and when the moment comes you will realise you have already made it.

And I am also pretty sure there will be people watching from the hill.



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