There is a strong feeling of push and pull in the world at the moment. A feeling that we are expanding to a greater level than ever before, but we are still scared to fully embrace it.

Personally I have been oscillating between feelings of absolute joy, pride, and competence, to feelings of overwhelm, stress, and sadness that I will never have enough time to do everything I truly want to!

If you feel this way don’t dismay, you are perfectly in tune! 🙂

We are right in the middle of a huge energy shift and apparently today is the crux! Even the planets and stars have aligned to support us!

So if you’re feeling this urge to race around like a crazy person to ‘catch up’ on things you are anticipating might happen in future (haha.. yes, talking from personal experience right now) or that you might miss out on, just take a moment to breathe and feel.

In giving yourself some space,  clarity can move in and light up your next step 🙂

As I sat in spaciousness today, a little voice kept saying that my word for the day is beating.. I looked up the meaning and the first thing I saw was “the flap of a birds wings”.

I have always loved the way birds fly. They know precisely when to flap and when to glide. Sometimes they may flap there wings repeatedly, other times they may flap once just as the right moment when the wind is ready to catch them.

We often think flapping non-stop is the fastest way to get where we want to go – and sometimes it is; however, we can achieve so much more with much less strain, when we are spaciousness enough to see the right flaps at the right time.

We are beating today. Whether we are flapping continually or just once, may we soar knowing we are in perfect timing 🙂

Happy Soaring Day x



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