I have been thinking a lot about the idea of spaciousness again recently (well, to be honest I never really stop thinking about it..). It seems like such a vital part of  life. What is there, if there is no space? It is where everything begins 🙂

The reason I have been thinking about it even more so of late is because life has become incredibly busy in the past few months. The cool thing about it is that it is full of all the things I really want to do! I feel energised. Purposed. Focused. More alive than ever! I feel very balanced too. Health, sunshine, people, my university study, my music.. I love it all!

The only times I don’t feel so balanced though, is when there is no space. Without space, everything becomes tight and almost stagnant, even when you are moving fast. The things you usually love, don’t seem so lovely anymore. Everything feels.. well, blah. You start doubting yourself and your decisions, and it’s easier to find frustration with other people when you feel spacious-less.

As I thought about it, the word friction came to mind. I looked up the definition which said, “The resistance that one surface encounters when moving over another.” Instantly I thought of my body and the different muscles, and then I thought of relationships. We create aches and pains in the body when things are rubbing in a way they are not designed to, and we can also rub people the wrong way – we built a saying around it! hee, hee.. We even say “I need some space” from relationships sometimes..

Then I read on to see look at ways in which you can reduce friction.. The first thing that came up was to use some kind of grease or lubricant. When I read WHY this reduces friction, I smiled so big! When two surfaces move across each other, the friction is caused by tiny jagged surfaces on each side rubbing against each other – apparently it is almost unavoidable (even with the smoothest finish) to find surfaces without these microscopic edges! A lubricant, however, creates a SPACE between the two objects so they can move together more easily. How cool is that!?

When there is no space in life, everything starts rubbing and grating together – even the good stuff! All it takes is a few moments and some spaciousness to get things moving together harmoniously again. Sometimes it’s a physical thing, sometimes a mental thing. You will know what kind of space you need.

The other way to reduce friction is to “use bearing surfaces that are sacrificial.” I really love this one. In other words, use a surface that will give way to another. It kind of reminds me of water. Water always just flows.. it doesn’t rub things, it moves with and around them. Sure it crashes against things and experienced surges of power, but it is always soft – and even in it’s softness it is never considered weak. The ocean is one of the most powerful forces on earth.

I feel this is something we can be as humans. Whatever friction you feel, there is always power within you, right now, to be that ‘bearing’ and ‘sacrificial’ surface. You can be the space-creator! Just like water. All powerful, and all flowing 🙂

A couple of other cool things I noted about friction was this:

“A load exceeding the designed capacity will increase friction.” (So, always pay attention when you know you are taking too much on – I don’t feel humans are designed to carry the weight of the world).

And, “Increasing speed will also increase friction.”

This second point actually brought a sense of relief and excitement all at once. So.. when you start moving at a more rapid pace and your life is becoming more full of what you love, it is normal to feel the friction more intensely! It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, it means you’re moving ahead at a more rapid pace and are ready to learn the art of spaciousness at a new level! Yes!

Friction is an opportunity to become soft and powerful all at once 🙂

Happy Sunday Beautiful People x


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