Building a Masterpiece

I woke up from a dream this morning feeling very anxious. My neck was tight, my head was hurting, and I could feel myself on the edge.. One of those moments where you know it’s up to you to decide which way you want to go today. Up or down.

I got up, and started writing out how I felt. One of the main themes of the dream was trying to do too many things at once. I am someone who loves to focus on one thing in each moment. I like to give it my 100% full focus and energy. The more I split that energy, the less inspired I feel, and the less enjoyable everything becomes.

I thought about it for a while. “Why do I split my energy?” Why do I feel this pressure to do many things at once when I know how much I love focus. One reason would be the way life seems to roll these days. We have so many things coming at us, and non-stop demands for our time. It takes a very strong person to stay centred and focused on what matters to you in each moment. It is possible though, and you can accomplish the things you want to. We do have the power. We can always choose focus. Doesn’t mean it isn’t crazily challenging though!

The second reason for splitting my energy was the feeling of being rushed. (One of my least favourite things ever!) The world is telling us to hurry up, get this done, buy a house, figure out what you want in life, get married, have children, become a success, travel the world.. and usually while you’re looking at one it demands you move onto the next. (My neck gets tight just thinking about it! Eek!)

Thinking about this I thought of Leonardo Da vinci. Here was a man, a genius, who knew how to take his time. When he painted his masterpieces, he was totally focused. He had to be, to make sure it was precisely how he wanted it. Some of his art took years! No-one would dare tell him to get on with it and hurry up. Even if they did, he probably would have ignored them. It wouldn’t have been worth risking the integrity of his art.

The same goes for our lives. You are creating a masterpiece. There is no need to rush. When you feel the world telling you to rush or hurry up, take a deep breath and stay focused on your art. What you are creating is worth it. What matters is how YOU feel about it. If you want it red, you paint it red. If you want sparkles, let that sparkle shine! 😉 You can’t get it wrong. It is yours to create!

Masterpiece it up my friend 🙂


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