Power in the Peripheral

One thing that continues to find its way into my thoughts, is the idea of balance. How do we maintain a sense of equilibrium while ensuring that everything we value is incorporated in a way that we find truly fulfilling!?

A little while ago I found myself snowballing in a direction I didn’t like. I was feeling very squished. Compacted. The spaciousness I so passionately create in my life felt like it was being taken over. I felt defensive. Guarded. Sad.

I found myself asking, “Have I got it wrong here? Is this really how it’s meant to be right now?” I felt sad that I was squeezing everything in where I could rather than being able to focus on things individually for longer periods of time.

Even though I felt disheartened, a little voice inside of me kept saying, “Everything is ok. This is exactly how it is meant to be right now! There is power in the peripheral.”

Sometimes when we avert our gaze just a little, the very thing we were aiming to achieve can sneak into the picture without us even having to try! We drop the resistance just long enough to make way for what we want. It is almost like our intense tunnel-vision prevents us from noticing opportunities that are actually aligned to the very thing we desire! I noticed it particularly with my singing. One morning I found myself down at the beach balancing on a beam while also singing my scales. Suddenly I realised I was hitting the notes I was aiming for without realising because I was focused on balancing at the same time! Woah!

So, while 100% intense focus is AMAZING!!!!! Sometimes, the peripheral is precisely where we need to be.

You want to know something else cool? I looked up ‘Power of the Peripheral’ and found it to be an actual scientific thing! Physiologically, when we focus intently we activate the logical left side of the brain. If we soften the gaze and let things go fuzzy, we activate the right side of the brain and enter a state of relaxation! It’s in this place that insight is found! Woo hoo!

So, if you find yourself feeling split between a number of things at once, or fitting things in when you can just to make sure everything you value is maintained, be excited! You are simply practising the art of the peripheral. In time you will be 100% focused again, but in the meantime just know that you are precisely where you are meant to be.

There is power in the peripheral 🙂


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