The Power of Surrender

“Amazing things can happen between now and Friday.”

This is something a friend of mine said to me when I was in my most intense uni week last semester. It has come to my mind and brought such peace so many times since then. I felt I had so much to do in only a few days, and this simple comment really struck a chord with me. Things can happen and change so fast if we allow it.

That has been my past week. The one word to describe it?


Within a matter of 7 days I had been as high as a kite (excited about life that is), feeling the strongest and healthiest I ever have, to being in the emergency at the hospital in the most excruciating pain, to receiving the news that I am playing at the most spectacular event in a couple of weeks, to facing one of my greatest physical fears.. something I always said would cause me to take my own life if it ever happened.

It happened.

The funny thing is, when it did happen, as much as it hurt (and man was it one of the most painful things I have experienced in my life both physically and emotionally), I found that I didn’t want to die, I wanted to live. And it was right in the middle of the physical manifestation of this fear that I felt something in me let go. Like I had finally surrendered the resistance. The river started to flow, and it is powerful.

The power of surrender.

It seems that it is when we are at our strongest that these things arise and almost knock us out. It’s like our inner being is saying, “Ok, you’re ready now, let’s look at this fear and rise above it once and for all!”

In the heat of these moments my friend’s words came to mind.

“Amazing things can happen between now and Friday.”

Things don’t need to take forever. They can happen so fast if we allow it.

“Yes they can,” I thought. “Time to fly.”


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