Speed & Direction

I used to be afraid of moving fast. I realise now that it was because I wasn’t sure of the direction I was heading.

Most would know what it is like to be travelling 110kms down a highway knowing that you have just missed your exit! The further from your path you get, the more angry and frustrated you become – especially if there is nowhere to pullover or turn around.

If however, you are 100% sure of your trajectory, speed can be a rush! You know who you are, you know where you are headed, and you are travelling at such great speeds  that nothing can hold back the huge smile stretching across your face. The highway is open and clear, and the closer to your destination you become, the more your cells start to jump and the more excited you become – not to mention the thrill of the ride as you go!

When you know who you are and are fully committed, nothing can stop you:

‘”The world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going.” James Allen

It takes a lot of guts to know yourself and decide where you are going. Once you do though, everything in the universe conspires to lift you.

Once you will know who you are and love who you are? All that’s left is to hold on and enjoy the ride! 🙂


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