The Safe Place

Life has been moving at a rapid pace recently!

As things continue to expand I observe the same pattern I have observed over and over again throughout my life.. With every amazing opportunity comes challenges  and the potential for fear in equal magnitude!

One thing I have learnt to do when this happens is to look the fear right in the eye. Come face to face with it and allow it to hit me with its best shot. The coolest thing about this is that it is actually a neurologically-based thing!

I recently trained in a new technique known as Havening (a safe place).  It’s also been called delta-wave therapy or amygdalic depotentiation. Personally I like Havening the best! Anyway, the process aims to de-link trauma that has been consolidated neurologically, but in order for this to happen, you actually need to trigger the trauma first! Without this first crucial step, you cannot change your pattern of response on a brain level. You can down regulate it, (which is what distracting yourself can do), but to actually remove the coded information altogether you need to first feel into it.

Isn’t that just so darn cool!?

So rather than being frustrated with ourselves when we notice these responses, we can get excited! You are in the perfect position to initiate a lasting and powerful change! Woo hoo! It’s kind of like balancing on a fence with trees in the way! haha.. Allow me to elaborate.

I was out the front this morning doing singing exercises as I balanced along the beach fence (I like to do this especially when I have been feeling these icky feelings as it helps me stay focused on something fun that requires all of my sensesl! haha..). I went further than I have ever gone before, and there were all these spikey trees that I needed to manoeuvre around in order to remain balanced and stay on course. I was determined.

As I grabbed the prickly leaves of the trees and a couple of branches in order to stay on the fence as I moved past them, I noticed myself feeling a kind of comfort in the fact that I had something to gain support from even though they were spikes and supposedly in my way. Straight away I thought of the challenges that arise for us when we have a big goal in place.

We get to these spikey bits (our fears). Rather than seeing them as thwarting our success, what if we could see them as a funny kind of support that is assisting us as we move through them to the other side?

Neurologically that is what a traumatic moment is providing us with.. an opportunity to feel a few spikes but at the same time support us onward 🙂

If anyone is interested in doing a Havening session with me to learn more, let me know. I have found it to be truly incredible – and so powerful! So easy too.. and fun! No more running from our fears. We know there is gold to be found amongst the spikes! hee, hee..

Happy Soaring Beautiful People. x


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