So, this is my first post for 2017.

Much has happened since last I posted. I have thought about writing again over the past few months, but then for some reason I keep chickening out.

A friend of mine sent this to me a little while ago. I think it is the perfect representation of what I have been feeling and experiencing for the past 12 months. I feel as though I have been under a rock, almost hidden from the world. It’s not a bad thing though. Like this video shows, I just need to find some protection from the harshness of the world while I rebuilt my shell. A stronger shell than the last one I had 🙂

I felt relieved when I saw this. I felt like it was ok. It was ok to seek shelter. It was ok to hide. In fact, it was precisely what was needed. I am almost ready to re-emerge. Almost 😉

Almost.. x


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