Sweet Zephyr

There is something in the air today. It feels like change, growth, and expansion are upon us. I feel a part of me wanting to do more, but at the same time, I know that it is time to let the seeds I have planted do their thing.

To me it feels as though it is time to enjoy what we have invested, the fruits of our labour. All the seeds are sprouting in their own perfect timing. The sails are set and the wind is here propelling us in the direction we desire to go.

It feels strange in a way, “Can it really be this easy?”

Yes šŸ™‚

It isn’t easy in that we haven’t needed to exert any effort, it is easy because all is happening in its perfect time , and right now, it is time to bask in the feeling of knowing that all is unfolding beautifully.

Some doubts may sprout, but we see them when they are small and can gently pull them from around our precious plants. Easy does it. One by one we gently ease them out and create spaciousness and life again. Even if we feel tired, a little spent, (or a lot), it is ok. There is no demand right now. One by one we pull these little doubts out.

I can feel it in the air today. A sweet zephyr. Our time is now. Enjoy all that you have created for you are beautiful in this moment. xxx


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