Stand & Shine

A beautiful friend of mine shared this with me this morning.

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save, they just stand there shining.” -Anne Lamott

This really speaks to me. I have often had a similar analogy for my own life. Life is like a garden. We plant seeds, we nurture them, pull the weeds out as they come, and allow to sun and rain to do their thing. When the time is right, the seeds will spout, the fruit will grow, and you will enjoy the aromas and deliciousness of your creations. The beauty will also begin to attract other creatures.. like butterflies! It is not our job to go out and catch them, all we need to do is create the most beautiful garden we can, and enjoy it. Find our place and shine 🙂

Sometimes it can be disheartening when you invest so much into your garden and just want to share it. You have planted, watered, and nurtured your plants and you just so much want other people to enjoy it too! Or, you invest so much and nothing grows. I think sometimes we feel tempted to get our nets out, not because we want to take anything captive, but more because we want so much to share what we have created! And to feel that what we have created is worth sharing.

I have felt like this many times in my life but always knew it wasn’t about the butterflies, it was about the garden. It will take time, there will be things that don’t work, plants that don’t grow, weather that will be out of your control, and weeds that will continue to grow back. There will also be people and creatures that just don’t like the plants that you grown. Let them go for there are SO many that will! Make space for those that LOVE what you do, LOVE who you are, and are just itching with excitement to share of your finest creations! The thing is too, anything you have to catch will always want to find freedom again. It won’t last. They won’t stay. Butterflies don’t quite have the same effect when they are contained by nets 😉 Things that come freely will last forever.

“Build it and they will come.”

If you are persistent, if you keep fine-tuning your skills and paying attention to what works for you, you WILL create magic and there will be more than enough to share with all of those who delight in who you are. No-one else’s garden will be exactly like yours!

You don’t need to go running around the island. Pick your spot, set your mark, and shine, shine, shine.

The butterflies will come.


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