This is for the Beautiful Ones

This is for the beautiful ones. The ones who feel into every crevice and corner of their own feelings and the feelings of those around them. This is for those who often feel so sad and alien in this world, and for those who wonder how everyone else seems to make it work but wonder why you can’t? This is for those who do feel moments of bliss and joy, but sometimes struggle to keep it going when exposed to the continuing pressures of life. This is for you, Beautiful One. You are a gift to this world.

The truth is that you are making this work so much more than you know. Would you curse someone who warned you that you were about to walk over the edge of a cliff, or that the food you were about to eat had been poisoned? It is out of love that we are warned. Your feelings are a way of loving yourself.

Our feelings guide us. The fact that you feel so much means that you are incredibly “in-tune” to your world and your own values. You know when you are in line with the best of yourself, and when you are not aligned; you feel it to extreme. There will be days where you try to dull these warnings down, of course, and that is ok. That is human. Be kind when you do this. You are not failing. You are living.

This is for you Beautiful One. To say thank you for existing. It is you who adds such kindness to my world, and who has comforted me when I have felt at my lowest. It is you who have picked up when I need a friend and when I need some time to myself, and who inspires me to continue with what I am truly passionate about despite what the world may be demanding. Thank you for feeling. Thank you for knowing. Thank you for loving even when you feel unloved. Thank you for giving even when you think you have nothing to give.  Thank you for keeping your heart open even when it is hard and for shining your light even when you feel surrounded by darkness.

Thank you Beautiful One.

“Even when you are feeling low, you’re basking in a glow.”

This is a line from my song ‘Superstar’ and it is for you.



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