Havening Information Session

Hello Beautiful People.

For those who are not yet aware, I have begun a Havening and Psychology Practice which focuses heavily upon the recoding of neurological pathways in the brain.

Havening is a unique therapeutic approach which seeks to decode traumatic experience and emotion from past memory. By doing so, individuals are released from previous thought and behaviour patterns, and their present experience opened up in ways they had always hoped but never felt was possible.

Due to the newness of the approach, I have decided to hold an intimate information evening for those interested in knowing/learning more. I will provide a live demonstration and can answer or discuss any further queries regarding how the process works and where it originated from.

If you would like to attend or find out more, please send me a message or contact me on 0413 118 124.

Excited to hear from you and to share the good news of Havening further.

You can also view some of the testimonials reported so far at..




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