A Little Tight

While engaging in yoga this morning I observed that a part of my body that has been feeling quite relaxed recently was feeling super tight!

I felt a hint of sadness and frustration.. “Aw, why so tight!? You’d been feeling so flexible and flowing recently and now all of a sudden you feel the tightest you have felt for a long time!” (This is me conversing with my body.. hee, hee..)

Then it occurred to me, “Sarah, a couple of days ago you did a rather challenging yoga session that pushed you in ways you haven’t been pushed for a while! It makes sense you feel a bit stiff and tight. It’s a sign you are moving to a new level of strength in that area!”

“Oh, I thought! Of course! That makes sense. You have to get a little tight before you move to the next level, otherwise you will stay in the same place you have always been. Tightness is a sign you are moving forward!”

So, what started as feelings of sadness and frustration became feelings of pride and excitement in moving forward. It also sparked some thoughts about how this applies to life too.

Sometimes we can feel disheartened that we have come so far only to feel that all of a sudden we are back to where we started. You aren’t! You are just feeling the tightness of forward movement and expansion! Keep going. Breathe deeply. In and out. (Both are equally important!).

You are moving to an even greater place of freedom, flow, and flexibility in this area. It takes such guts and tenacity to continue forward so feel proud of who you are and the decision you have made to move in this area.

Sometimes it seems easier to stay where you are, however, freedom is calling 😉


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