The Ocean Is Always Magnificent

What a fascinating and bewildering year we have had so far! The power has been momentous, the heights and depths of which have had many of us shaken. One cannot deny, however,  the charge it has added to our potential for wisdom and transformation.

I have found myself in awe of the things I have been discovering, the unfolding of what has been within me all this time. It feels like a flower has bloomed. Something has opened. I feel safer in the provision of the Universe.. who’d have thought it could be possible for this to feel ‘normal’ amidst so much uncertainty?

What has had me particularly starstruck recently is the way that men and women can support one another in the most beautifully satisfying ways. To flourish together.

My pondering this morning led me to consider the way in which girls and women desire to be seen for the beauty that they are. Our hearts are yearning to know that we are indeed shimmering in the light and that the people around us are noticing it. We need to be beautiful. To feel beautiful. So beautiful that one can’t help but be drawn closer to our incandescent light.

So much of the time though, it seems we don’t feel this way. We don’t feel beautiful. We don’t feel noticed. We don’t feel people moving closer. Often we feel they are moving away. As I pondered this by the ocean this morning I thought, “Surely it doesn’t have to be this hard. Can’t we simply just be beautiful. Like a flower. Isn’t it enough just being the beauty that we are?” The answer? Yes.

An insight sparked within me. The ocean is always magnificent. No matter what is happening, and no matter who does or doesn’t notice it. The ocean doesn’t get any less beautiful because someone else fails to see it. Really, it is simply a bonus when they do – and the joy, most of the time, is in the person who has opened up the space to to really breathe it in 🙂

I feel it is the same with us. The question is not whether we are beautiful. We are.

Sometimes it is noticed and sometimes it may seem that it is not. Noticing or the lack thereof, however, never diminishes the beauty that exists. Beauty is beauty.

Just like the Ocean. It is always magnificent. Just like you.

A final note..

Thank you to my beautiful Friend Anna who reminded me that my blog posts are noticed  – that was a moment of beauty seen for me 🙂 x


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