Transitions – PART 2

Transitions can be really uncomfortable. Even when you do your best to look after yourself the best you can, and take time out to be still and realign yourself to your values, there are still some transition-type things that are going to feel a bit disconcerting. It makes sense too, as really, you are moving to a new place that you haven’t been before – a new version of yourself that you are still growing into. Aren’t you proud!? It takes guts, focus, persistence, and strength to be where you are right now!

It might feel like you’re failing or doing poorly in the interim stage – you’re not. If you think about the analogy of the caterpillar to butterfly, obviously growing wings to break through a cocoon can feel frustrating, disheartening, and awkward at times. You may be doubting that you’ve got what it takes – doubting that you are enough or even worried that people will find out you were once a grub! However, on the other hand it’s also going to feel exciting, inspiring, and expansive.. it’s where you want to go!

Being that I am in a transition stage myself at the moment, I asked Ben if he had any ideas about what I could do to make myself more comfortable in this awkward period before I emerge as a butterfly. His answer:

“I wouldn’t be trying to be comfortable at all, I’d be too busy focusing on becoming a butterfly!”

Woah. This hit the nail right on the head for me. “Of course! Why even try to make something inherently uncomfortable, comfortable!? Growing wings and busting out of the old version of myself to new heights isn’t about being comfortable! To invest my energy into trying to make it that way only deters from the mission at hand! It’s about working with it, moving forward, focusing all your energy to build strength so you can break through the layers of this cocoon! We need to use the discomfort for good. As Ben so eloquently worded it in yesterdays blog – it’s time to ‘pump it!'”

So, if you’re felling uncomfortable, great. Be excited about the wings you are strengthening and the amazing opportunities and adventures awaiting you! You are here because you DO have what it takes and it is only a matter of time before you emerge from this as a stronger and more vibrant version of yourself. No-one is going to care that you were a caterpillar – every butterfly has to start that way 😉


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