Transitions – PART 3

Transitions are funny in that sometimes in order to move forwards we must temporarily move backwards. Why is it that all of a sudden, the seeds we had planted are no longer responding to water and light, and what appeared to be a great season of harvest suddenly now looks like  – a barren stretch of desert?

I remember feeling this way many times until suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps this is what is meant to be happening! What if it is time for something new? What if these particular sprouts have grown all they can and now it is time for a new harvest? What if the season you are in brings with it the potential for a new type of produce? Yes, you may need to say goodbye to what used to grow well, but what about all the things you have always wanted to explore but never quite had the right conditions!? When you look at it this way it is kind of exciting.. and filled with possibility!

There is always a little stretch of time in between seasons and harvest where the fields are being prepared and the seeds sown. It may seem like nothing is happening, but all the work is going on underground. Strong and nourished root systems are being developed and pretty soon the evidence of this will appear above the surface. In some situations you may be able to minimise the downtime by timing when and how you grow your plants, however, once you decide to grow a totally new crop, there will always be that interim where it needs some time to grow.

It’s the same kind of principle when it comes to life. Some transitions may be fairly smooth. There may some moments in between harvest seasons, but if you’re growing a relatively similar crop, perhaps you have the transitioning down to a fine art. If, however, you are trying something totally new for you, it is almost impossible not to experience that unnerving waiting period where all you can do is nourish, water, and trust that all is happening as it should be.

If this is you, then celebrate! Harvest is almost here, and it will be something like you have never seen before! How marvellous!!!! You will look back and wonder how you ever doubted yourself, and will stand more proudly than you ever have before 🙂 Yes there may be some things to discover and work out in order to yield the finest results, but it will be so worth it. The old stuff isn’t growing anymore anyway, why not give this new season everything you’ve got?

Plant. Water. Nourish. Shine. Trust.


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