You Don’t Just Fall Back On The Bike ;)

I just had a really cool self-moment and wanted to share.

Today was one of those days where my energy felt so divided. It felt so half and half. I kept flicking from feeling focused, excited, and enlivened, to feeling totally overwhelmed, incapable, and unworthy. Eek! It was crazy!

One moment I would be on a roll, feeling good with the investment of my energy, then bam, next minute I would feel like I had fallen flat on my face with the wind knocked out of me (metaphorically).

As this happened over and over and OVER again I found myself thinking, “What the heck is happening?? How can this happen repeatedly in the one day even when I can see it?” It’s like I was powerless to stop the momentum of the repeated pattern.

Then it hit me.

“Sarah, it takes guts to keep getting back on that bike! And not only guts, energy and determination! The reason you keep falling off is because you keep getting back on! If you just gave up and lay in the dirt you wouldn’t fall off again but it also means you aren’t getting any better either. You don’t just fall back ON the bike. That is all you.”

Woah. When you look at it like that it is pretty darn cool. What was shame suddenly transformed to pride.

“I’m one of those people who keep getting back on the bike. I’m not just on the sidelines, I’m in the ring giving everything I have!” A Champion who won’t give up until the feat is mastered. I’m not sure if there is anything in the world I would rather be than that 🙂 Falling off gives us the opportunity to be a hero!

In case anyone else is feeling like they are falling off the bike over and over again, know that you are in the League of Champions! (A league I just made up! hee, hee..) While it doesn’t take much to fall off the bike – even just trying something for the first time is enough – getting back on requires guts, courage, and determination. Falling off isn’t shameful, it’s the way it works! haha. Sometimes you may need a rest for a while but  when the times comes to give it another go.. Be proud and give it all you’ve got!

One day you’ll be on a roll that just keeps rolling and there won’t be anything that can stop you. Getting back on will be just as simple as falling off..

Next step.. Motorbikes 😉


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