Your Steps are the Perfect Ones for You

As humans, it seems like so much of our time is devoted to finding and implementing ways of improving ourselves. We grow, we change, we move, and we desire more for ourselves and those we love. Just like plants that grow taller or bigger, humans naturally want to do the same.

With this as as strong underlying drive it is only natural that we invest much of our mental and physical energy into this. Whether it be ways to improve our health, create more financial stability, spend more time travelling or being with friends and family, or improving a skill of some kind.. The list is limitless. There is always something else we could be a little bit better at or a little more focused with.

What occurred to me this morning though, is that sometimes in our desire to be better we try to jump too far too soon. We try to squeeze into places we aren’t quite ready for and rather than feel excited about our progress, we feel squeezed, tried, forced, and disconnected. Instead of being excited that we completed the next step of our journey, we feel sad that we are not ten steps further ahead. We tighten things around ourselves when we are not ready for it.

An example that comes to mind here is someone who wants to lose weight. Imagine they are two sizes bigger than they would like. They start to lose the weight and find that they can probably move to the next size down in clothing! Instead of being excited and celebrating their progress by buying clothes in this size, however, they go out and buy clothes that are TWO sizes down. They start trying to wear these clothes now and instead of feeling light and happy in their new skin, they feel uncomfortable, tight, and like they don’t quite fit. They’ve jumped ahead just a little too far. Instead of supporting themselves in their current progress and feeling excited and inspired to continue, they feel disheartened and depleted.

The point of this is to simply say, you are doing amazingly. Celebrate your progress and where you are now. Where you fit right now is beautiful and you will continue to move towards your goals in a natural way if you ease yourself into it. Loosen those reigns a little if they are feeling a bit tight and know that you are doing perfectly.

Your steps are the perfect ones for you 🙂 x


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