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The Ocean Is Always Magnificent

What a fascinating and bewildering year we have had so far! The power has been momentous, the heights and depths of which have had many of us shaken. One cannot deny, however, Β the charge it has added to our potential for wisdom and transformation.

I have found myself in awe of the things I have been discovering, the unfolding of what has been within me all this time. It feels like a flower has bloomed. Something has opened. I feel safer in the provision of the Universe.. who’d have thought it could be possible for this to feel ‘normal’ amidst so much uncertainty?

What has had me particularly starstruck recently is the way that men and women can support one another in the most beautifully satisfying ways. To flourish together.

My pondering this morning led me to consider the way in which girls and women desire to be seen for the beauty that they are. Our hearts are yearning to know that we are indeed shimmering in the light and that the people around us are noticing it. We need to be beautiful. To feel beautiful. So beautiful that one can’t help but be drawn closer to our incandescent light.

So much of the time though, it seems we don’t feel this way. We don’t feel beautiful. We don’t feel noticed. We don’t feel people moving closer. Often we feel they are moving away. As I pondered this by the ocean this morning I thought, “Surely it doesn’t have to be this hard. Can’t we simply just be beautiful. Like a flower. Isn’t it enough just being the beauty that we are?” The answer? Yes.

An insight sparked within me. The ocean is always magnificent. No matter what is happening, and no matter who does or doesn’t notice it. The ocean doesn’t get any less beautiful because someone else fails to see it. Really, it is simply a bonus when they do – and the joy, most of the time, is in the person who has opened up the space to to really breathe it in πŸ™‚

I feel it is the same with us. The question is not whether we are beautiful. We are.

Sometimes it is noticed and sometimes it may seem that it is not. Noticing or the lack thereof, however, never diminishes the beauty that exists. Beauty is beauty.

Just like the Ocean. It is always magnificent. Just like you.

A final note..

Thank you to my beautiful Friend Anna who reminded me that my blog posts are noticed Β – that was a moment of beauty seen for me πŸ™‚ x

A Little Tight

While engaging in yoga this morning I observed that a part of my body that has been feeling quite relaxed recently was feeling super tight!

I felt a hint of sadness and frustration.. “Aw, why so tight!? You’d been feeling so flexible and flowing recently and now all of a sudden you feel the tightest you have felt for a long time!” (This is me conversing with my body.. hee, hee..)

Then it occurred to me, “Sarah, a couple of days ago you did a rather challenging yoga session that pushed you in ways you haven’t been pushed for a while! It makes sense you feel a bit stiff and tight. It’s a sign you are moving to a new level of strength in that area!”

“Oh, I thought! Of course! That makes sense. You have to get a little tight before you move to the next level, otherwise you will stay in the same place you have always been. Tightness is a sign you are moving forward!”

So, what started as feelings of sadness and frustration became feelings of pride and excitement in moving forward. It also sparked some thoughts about how this applies to life too.

Sometimes we can feel disheartened that we have come so far only to feel that all of a sudden we are back to where we started. You aren’t! You are just feeling the tightness of forward movement and expansion! Keep going. Breathe deeply. In and out. (Both are equally important!).

You are moving to an even greater place of freedom, flow, and flexibility in this area. It takes such guts and tenacity to continue forward so feel proud of who you are and the decision you have made to move in this area.

Sometimes it seems easier to stay where you are, however, freedom is calling πŸ˜‰

Havening Information Session

Hello Beautiful People.

For those who are not yet aware, I have begun a Havening and Psychology Practice which focuses heavily upon the recoding of neurological pathways in the brain.

Havening is a unique therapeutic approach which seeks to decode traumatic experience and emotion from past memory. By doing so, individuals are released from previous thought and behaviour patterns, and their present experience opened up in ways they had always hoped but never felt was possible.

Due to the newness of the approach, I have decided to hold an intimate information evening for those interested in knowing/learning more. I will provide a live demonstration and can answer or discuss any further queries regarding how the process works and where it originated from.

If you would like to attend or find out more, please send me a message or contact me on 0413 118 124.

Excited to hear from you and to share the good news of Havening further.

You can also view some of the testimonials reported so far at..




Transition is in the air at the moment. Something big is happening in the stars.

For those who are feeling it strongly, take heart, you are in good company. Sometimes it takes a big shake-up to let go of old things that are no longer adding value to our lives.

Often it seems that just at the moment we are really starting to fulfil our dreams (or are feeling closer too), fears and challenges arise in an almost insurmountable measure. We feel disheartened. Alone. Afraid. Uncertain. Shaky. Doubtful. Tired..We wonder why we even bothered to begin with. All those really uncomfortable feelings we thought we had buried long ago.

But that is just the thing.. We buried them. Which means we kind of just hid them from view for a while – sometimes a long while. The fact you are seeing them means you must be moving to a lighter place. A place where the cracks and crevices are being brought into view again. It isn’t that you are failing, it is that you are winning! You are shining light in places you have been too afraid to look at before. Yes it can be scary. Yes it can be painful.. But guess what!? Once the light has been shone and you look at it directly at it, it will never be waiting in the shadows to side swipe you again! And all that energy you have invested into keeping things under wraps will now be available to fuel your expanding present and future.

Keep going Friend, keep going. You are not the darkness, you are light. You are seeing, feeling, lifting, moving, and building momentum in ways like never before. You are so brave to allow yourself to go to these places! Look at it and lighten it any way you can. Feel into it and then allow yourself to look up.

I believe in you. You are doing this and you are shining. xxx

Dizziness of Freedom

I heard this line is a movie I watched yesterday –

“.. anxiety is like the dizziness of freedom.”

I like it.

If you are feeling anxious, take it as a sign that you are free. You are just figuring out how to use that freedom in a way that works best for you. (Speaking to myself as I say this too.. )

We’ve got this πŸ™‚