Transitions – PART 3

Transitions are funny in that sometimes in order to move forwards we must temporarily move backwards. Why is it that all of a sudden, the seeds we had planted are no longer responding to water and light, and what appeared to be a great season of harvest suddenly now looks like  – a barren stretch of desert?

I remember feeling this way many times until suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps this is what is meant to be happening! What if it is time for something new? What if these particular sprouts have grown all they can and now it is time for a new harvest? What if the season you are in brings with it the potential for a new type of produce? Yes, you may need to say goodbye to what used to grow well, but what about all the things you have always wanted to explore but never quite had the right conditions!? When you look at it this way it is kind of exciting.. and filled with possibility!

There is always a little stretch of time in between seasons and harvest where the fields are being prepared and the seeds sown. It may seem like nothing is happening, but all the work is going on underground. Strong and nourished root systems are being developed and pretty soon the evidence of this will appear above the surface. In some situations you may be able to minimise the downtime by timing when and how you grow your plants, however, once you decide to grow a totally new crop, there will always be that interim where it needs some time to grow.

It’s the same kind of principle when it comes to life. Some transitions may be fairly smooth. There may some moments in between harvest seasons, but if you’re growing a relatively similar crop, perhaps you have the transitioning down to a fine art. If, however, you are trying something totally new for you, it is almost impossible not to experience that unnerving waiting period where all you can do is nourish, water, and trust that all is happening as it should be.

If this is you, then celebrate! Harvest is almost here, and it will be something like you have never seen before! How marvellous!!!! You will look back and wonder how you ever doubted yourself, and will stand more proudly than you ever have before 🙂 Yes there may be some things to discover and work out in order to yield the finest results, but it will be so worth it. The old stuff isn’t growing anymore anyway, why not give this new season everything you’ve got?

Plant. Water. Nourish. Shine. Trust.

Transitions – PART 2

Transitions can be really uncomfortable. Even when you do your best to look after yourself the best you can, and take time out to be still and realign yourself to your values, there are still some transition-type things that are going to feel a bit disconcerting. It makes sense too, as really, you are moving to a new place that you haven’t been before – a new version of yourself that you are still growing into. Aren’t you proud!? It takes guts, focus, persistence, and strength to be where you are right now!

It might feel like you’re failing or doing poorly in the interim stage – you’re not. If you think about the analogy of the caterpillar to butterfly, obviously growing wings to break through a cocoon can feel frustrating, disheartening, and awkward at times. You may be doubting that you’ve got what it takes – doubting that you are enough or even worried that people will find out you were once a grub! However, on the other hand it’s also going to feel exciting, inspiring, and expansive.. it’s where you want to go!

Being that I am in a transition stage myself at the moment, I asked Ben if he had any ideas about what I could do to make myself more comfortable in this awkward period before I emerge as a butterfly. His answer:

“I wouldn’t be trying to be comfortable at all, I’d be too busy focusing on becoming a butterfly!”

Woah. This hit the nail right on the head for me. “Of course! Why even try to make something inherently uncomfortable, comfortable!? Growing wings and busting out of the old version of myself to new heights isn’t about being comfortable! To invest my energy into trying to make it that way only deters from the mission at hand! It’s about working with it, moving forward, focusing all your energy to build strength so you can break through the layers of this cocoon! We need to use the discomfort for good. As Ben so eloquently worded it in yesterdays blog – it’s time to ‘pump it!'”

So, if you’re felling uncomfortable, great. Be excited about the wings you are strengthening and the amazing opportunities and adventures awaiting you! You are here because you DO have what it takes and it is only a matter of time before you emerge from this as a stronger and more vibrant version of yourself. No-one is going to care that you were a caterpillar – every butterfly has to start that way 😉

Transitions – PART 1

The word transition has been on my mind a lot the past two days. I finally realised that it is  because I am actually in one.

I’ve gotta say, it hasn’t been very enjoyable for a large part of it. It’s that feeling of being not quite finished with the old, but not quite ready for the new. I WANT to be ready for the new stuff but for some reason I can feel myself still trying to adjust. It’s frustrating because I know the new stuff is precisely what I am desiring for the next stage of my life.  I feel fat in my body (almost like I have a thick layer of goop all over me), un-beautiful, listless, scattered, wasteful of energy, low on energy, unfocused, self-absorbed.. like nothing quite fits right. Nothing quite feels right. I feel these glimmers of excitement (super excitement) as some really cool opportunities have come into my world like never before, but I also feel unable to embrace them fully because I am somehow being gooped down. Basically, it feels I am part grub, part butterfly and the only way is through. Eek!

So what does this look like? Well.. it’s sort of a mix.. what I’ve been tending to do is revert to old behaviours that only add to my crappiness while really wanting to enjoy the new at the same time. Eating poorly and in an imbalanced way (always a big challenge for me when I don’t feel so good), distracting myself, dismissing things I know make me feel great like singing playing my guitar, or yoga. Stuff like that. When we see these things it is tempting to think we are moving backwards, however, it occurred to me that I am actually moving forwards fast and the grubby part of me is trying to slow me down a bit as it makes it’s final transformation. Why? Because it’s a little bit scary and we are going to need a new level of energy where we are going. We are moving into unchartered territory. New heights. New adventures. New challenges to face and places to rise to. AND.. once we are there we can’t go back.

As you have probably gathered, I really love using analogies to make sense of what is happening within me. So when I realised I was in a transition phase I asked Ben what you need to do to make a good transition on BMX (that’s his thing!). I had a feeling it may shed some light on the situation and help me manoeuvre my way through. He was like, “Hmmm.. You gotta pump it!” When he said it a lightbulb went on for me! “Of course! I have been trying to slow myself down in preparation, but really, what I need to do is focus my energy and pump it! How am I going to make the jump if I go into it with the brakes on!?” Then he continued on and said, “The faster you’re willing to hit the transition, the higher you’re going to go.. But, you must be willing to practise!”

He really emphasised that last bit.. “ must be willing to practise!” I feel that last part is key. Just like anything in life that is worth doing, transitioning is an art form.. it requires practise, and the more you do it, the better and more efficient you become at it! So don’t worry too much if you still see grubbiness here and there. You know where you are headed.. Butterfly territory! And guess what? Once you make the transition you won’t need to worry about falling because you’ll have wings! Yeah! The resistance is all part of it.. you need to have something to build your strength on so your wings are strong enough to lift you once you emerge from the chrysalis!

So, how do we make it through this transition time gracefully and with as little discomfort as possible? Be patient. Go gently. It’s ok if you revert to some not so energising behaviours. Notice them, love them, and perhaps make a choice in favour of good energy creation. For me this is as simple as drinking a big bottle of water or going to bed early. Don’t push against so much, open up in a forward moving way. Then allow this energy to build. You know what feels good for you 🙂 As you do these little things, the other things will begin to naturally fall away. Pretty soon you’ll be ready to pump right through and fly!



The Ocean Is Always Magnificent

What a fascinating and bewildering year we have had so far! The power has been momentous, the heights and depths of which have had many of us shaken. One cannot deny, however,  the charge it has added to our potential for wisdom and transformation.

I have found myself in awe of the things I have been discovering, the unfolding of what has been within me all this time. It feels like a flower has bloomed. Something has opened. I feel safer in the provision of the Universe.. who’d have thought it could be possible for this to feel ‘normal’ amidst so much uncertainty?

What has had me particularly starstruck recently is the way that men and women can support one another in the most beautifully satisfying ways. To flourish together.

My pondering this morning led me to consider the way in which girls and women desire to be seen for the beauty that they are. Our hearts are yearning to know that we are indeed shimmering in the light and that the people around us are noticing it. We need to be beautiful. To feel beautiful. So beautiful that one can’t help but be drawn closer to our incandescent light.

So much of the time though, it seems we don’t feel this way. We don’t feel beautiful. We don’t feel noticed. We don’t feel people moving closer. Often we feel they are moving away. As I pondered this by the ocean this morning I thought, “Surely it doesn’t have to be this hard. Can’t we simply just be beautiful. Like a flower. Isn’t it enough just being the beauty that we are?” The answer? Yes.

An insight sparked within me. The ocean is always magnificent. No matter what is happening, and no matter who does or doesn’t notice it. The ocean doesn’t get any less beautiful because someone else fails to see it. Really, it is simply a bonus when they do – and the joy, most of the time, is in the person who has opened up the space to to really breathe it in 🙂

I feel it is the same with us. The question is not whether we are beautiful. We are.

Sometimes it is noticed and sometimes it may seem that it is not. Noticing or the lack thereof, however, never diminishes the beauty that exists. Beauty is beauty.

Just like the Ocean. It is always magnificent. Just like you.

A final note..

Thank you to my beautiful Friend Anna who reminded me that my blog posts are noticed  – that was a moment of beauty seen for me 🙂 x

A Little Tight

While engaging in yoga this morning I observed that a part of my body that has been feeling quite relaxed recently was feeling super tight!

I felt a hint of sadness and frustration.. “Aw, why so tight!? You’d been feeling so flexible and flowing recently and now all of a sudden you feel the tightest you have felt for a long time!” (This is me conversing with my body.. hee, hee..)

Then it occurred to me, “Sarah, a couple of days ago you did a rather challenging yoga session that pushed you in ways you haven’t been pushed for a while! It makes sense you feel a bit stiff and tight. It’s a sign you are moving to a new level of strength in that area!”

“Oh, I thought! Of course! That makes sense. You have to get a little tight before you move to the next level, otherwise you will stay in the same place you have always been. Tightness is a sign you are moving forward!”

So, what started as feelings of sadness and frustration became feelings of pride and excitement in moving forward. It also sparked some thoughts about how this applies to life too.

Sometimes we can feel disheartened that we have come so far only to feel that all of a sudden we are back to where we started. You aren’t! You are just feeling the tightness of forward movement and expansion! Keep going. Breathe deeply. In and out. (Both are equally important!).

You are moving to an even greater place of freedom, flow, and flexibility in this area. It takes such guts and tenacity to continue forward so feel proud of who you are and the decision you have made to move in this area.

Sometimes it seems easier to stay where you are, however, freedom is calling 😉