Havening Testimonials

 “I could see myself eventually come off my anti-depressant medication…”
 “Thank you for listening.. you feel like such a safe place for me to share everything and I’m so grateful for that! I’ve never experienced that type of safety of therapy before. This is the first time in my life that I could see myself eventually come off my anti-depressant medication and be able to live without them. And that’s all thanks to you!”

-Courtney, 27 years

“I cannot believe how rapidly and deep my life is changing Sarah..”
 “I have so much to share – including miraculously shedding 2 kilos!!! No idea how it’s happened but I’m feeling AMAZING!!! I’m bounding up the stairs at work with so much energy and everyone is commenting on how great I look! It’s incredible! My thoughts have shifted to a healthier angle and I’m finding freedom in my attitude towards myself and my future! I cannot believe how rapidly and deep my life is changing Sarah.. I feel like a walking, talking miracle! I love and appreciate you so much and thank God for this work we are doing together!!!”

​-Female, 48 years

 “The Heavy Cloud Has Lifted!”
“Driving home after our session I realised that I had been feeling a “lull” in the form of a heavy cloud. After spending the time with you, the cloud is no more! It’s super refreshing and I’m so much more lighter than before. Your energy is astounding! I think you really by natural instinct converted my feelings into a reborn attitude of what’s to come. Honestly, I am so honoured that I know you. It’s like my life’s path is being corrected and I can feel it gravitating towards what I truly desire – without the distractions of this world’s values. You reminded me and enforced that belief in me which I had almost forgotten. Thank you Sarah!”

-Male, 28 years

“.. most surprising and subtle.. extremely effective..”

” Working with Sarah Shah impacted me significantly from our first session together. I had never done Havening before and had no idea what to expect. The work was most surprising and subtle yet powerful and lasting. Sarah is quite unlike any other therapist or psychologist I have worked with. Certainly she is immensely authentic, insightful, generous and talented as a healer but it is much more than that… you are left with a deep feeling of having truly been seen and cared for in a very real way. The technique was extremely effective but I was equally impressed with Sarah and her gentle, deeply intuitive capacity. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! ”

                                                                                                           -Emily S., 40 years

“…this technique is amazing.”
 “Oh my goodness this technique is amazing. Thank you Sarah for helping me clear my financial blocks. It wasn’t until you did a Havening session with me that l realised the extent of these blockages. Thank you again l will be absolutely delighted to recommend you to all of my friends.”

Susan J.